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"I've lost you to discover that I have gone missing you " Beatrice Allegranti Dance Theater/ Open Senses Festival


Performance "Take me Oya" / Castle Carry/ UK


Performance Lua Nova / Guarini Dance Compeany/ Dance Attic/ chor. Ponciano Almeida


Performance Foreign Bodies Race Track / Sean Graham Dance Company/ London East


Performance solo "Take me Oya" Festival Roots of Rumba / London



 Choreograph and Director of European Capitol of Culture Wrocław ESK 201 Performance "Płonąca wyspa"


"Book my face" Animal Radio Dance Company , chor. Aneta Zwierzynska, Magdalena Radlowska/ choreographic mentoring : Beatrice Allegranti,music: Alex Judd ,photographer : Agnieszka Dolata, production: Julia Testa - Resolution Festival London 2016

ticket avaliable:

TED ex talks / performance with Abeie group, chor. Irineo Nogueira

Performance Guarini Dance Company / "Sete linha" .

Chor. Ponciano Almeida 

at Dance Attic / Fulham Brodway London

Social project "Mosty" in Poland




Foreign Body Race Tracks chor, Sean Graham in UK


Somewhere in the middle E33 Dance Company in UK

Film " I Can't Find Myself"  


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