Movement & Dance Workshop


 27/06/2018-01/07/2018 Need of Movement Intensive workshop in Legnica Poland (more info: 

17/06/2017 Outdoor Training Day (intermediate & advanced) in London/ more info:

 10/06/2018 Outdoor Training Day (beginners & improvers) in London/ more info: 

 06/05/2018 Movement Challenges workshop in London (more

26/02/2018-1/03/2018 Professional classes in Trip Space London 

12-15/02/2018 Professional classes in Dan.c.a Dance Cultural Center in Athens/ Greece 

27/06/2018 Need of Movement Intensive - Poland in Theater Avatar Legnica (more info:, Poland

26/02/2018 Contemporary Dance with Capoeira - Trip Space, London, UK

4/02/2018 Need of Movement workshop "Between The Movements" in London (bookings:, UK

03/01/2018 Contemporary Dance and Capoeira - workshop in Dance Department of PPSKAK - Kalisz, Poland



27-29/12/2017 Need of Movement Intensive workshop in Legnica Poland (more info:

18-21/09/2017 Professional classes in Danc.c.e Dance Cultural Center in Athens (Greece)

3/09/2017  Need of Movement Training Day III; London, Vauxhall

11/06/2017 Need of Movement Training Day; London, Vauxhall

28/06/2017 - 2/06/2017 Need of MOVEment Intensive (Training Camp); June/July, Legnica, Poland

11/03/2017 Movement Qualities Workshop; London, Mecklenburgh Square Hall

13/11/2016 Let's Move For The Kids; London, St Michaels Church

13/11/2016 Body Integrity Workshop; London, Mecklenburgh Square Hall

28-30/12/2016 Intensive Movement workshop Legnica Poland for adults and kids with Farid Herrera and b-boy Damian Chalajda

13/11/2016 Body Integrity , Movement Workshop with Farid Herrera

19-24/08/2015 International workshop Contemporary Dance Capoeira Fusion/ Summer Intensive ( Special guest: Rachel Riveros)

Intensywne międzynarodowe warsztaty tańca współczesnego Legnica/ Poland

11-15/04/2015: Workshop: Contemporary Dance & Capoeira Fusion in Legnica 1

Workshop: Making connection betwen Contemporary Dance and Capoeira -part 1/4

16/05/2015-Spiral Dynamic inside Dance and Capoeira - Londyn  in London

22-24/05/2015- Contemporary Dance Capoeira Fusion workshop in Wroclaw, Poland

Organized by : Foundation "Da sie"


5/06/2015 Social project / capoeira-dance workshop - Providence House / London 5/06/2015

6/06/2015 Capoeira workshop/ Battersea Park/ DRCA - LONDON

18-23 /08/2015- International workshop Contemporary Dance Capoeira Fusion Poland / Legnica