Social Projects


28 June - 1th July Need of MOVEment workshop in Poland for the kids and teenagers from the group of the risks of Social Exclusion / Theater Avatar 


18 December "Let's move for the kids" charity event for social work in Guaratingueta, Brazil

28-30 December socio-cultural dance and movement workshop DGN for kids in Legnica Poland (parkour, capoeira, contemporary dance and break-dance) with Farid Herrera and Damian Chalajda

18th December Fundrising Dance and Movement event for Brazilian teacher of Dance and Capoeira Renan Tajura. Chiswick Church London Elmwood Road W4 3DY. 


- Contemporary Ballet with Rachel Riveros - 12.30-1.30pm

- Parkour with Farid Herrera and Bobby Gordon-smith - 1.30-2.30pm

- Contemporary dance with Modelo Aneta Zwierzyńska - 2.30-3.30pm

- Capoeira ( and Capoeira roda) with Instructora "Modelo" Modelo Aneta Zwierzyńska - 3.30-4.30pm

2015 :

- Capoeira/ dance workshop - Providence house -London

- Capoeira /dance workshop- DRCA London

-Choregrapher, supervisor, and director of socio-cultural project “Mosty “ in collaboration with Avatar Theater in Poland

2014 :

- Socio-cultural event Feminissima 2015 in Camden Town London /Focus on empower women by using such as tool as dance and capoeira .


-Capoeira and dance workshop in social project for refugees people in Linz, Austria / collaboration with institution MAIS in Linz in Austria.

-Capoeira workshop for the Battersea Community Center for the unpriviliged kids in London UK.

-Capoeira workshop for the kids/Socio-cultural project in Milkowice in Poland.

- Dance workshop for the socio-cultural event "Venus"/ Focus on empower a women through different medium of arts in Brixton , London , UK.



-Working in the institution Fazenda Esperanca in Guaratingueta in Brazil. Working with the people with dfferent kinds of chemical addication and young offenders- group defined as a social excluded. In the collaboration with Cm. Korisco.


-Supervisor, teacher in the project in Zlocieniec, Poland . Working with the dance , capoeira and cirque as a tools of working with the groups with the risque of social exclusion. Collaboration with Association LESIO in Poland.




-Supervisor, director, dance and capoeira teacher in the social project “Siłe mam dzięki wam ale radze sobie sam” in Legnica, Poland.
Organising “ Sarau Cultural” in Academy of Capoeira Barracao da Capoeira in Guaratingueta in Brazil



-Socio – cultural project in Oberwart , Austria; organized by Liz King, D.ID/Dance Indentity ;Community Dance Day in Oho, Working with the groups on teenagers with the risque of social exclusion.

-Dance teacher and choreographer :project at the Bundesrealgymnasium in Traum, Austria.

-Dance teacher , working with the group with different mental and physical disabilities in Poland, organized by Association Stowarzyszenie Inicjatyw Twórczych in Legnica, Poland.



-Supervisor and director of socio-cultural project “ Do gory nogami” . Working with the dance and capoeira with the unpriviliged kids and teenagers. Collaboration with Association of photography Legnica, Legnica Capoeira group, Break- Dance Group Bessali and dancers from group Zwrot, Pogotowie Opiekuncze, Swietlica Terapeutyczna and Teatr Im. Heleny Modzejewskiej. In Legnica, Poland.


-Initiator, coordinator and choreographer in one year long the socio-cultural dance project:„Do góry nogami“ for the kids and teenagers from ecluded groups of society. I price in Polish national Television TVP1“Dolina Kreatywna” for the best project with the socio-cultural character, (projectsponsored by the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage) in Legnica , Poland.

2003- 2008:

-Dance, capoeira and contact improvisation teacher,in the workshop for teenagers organized by Union European, collaboration with association of Joanna Rostkowska

Working with the dance and capoeira with the groups with the risque of social exclusion from different nationalites.